Videos of the Hov Pod Over Different Surfaces

Use the links in the list on the right to access video of the Hov Pod in use in over many different surfaces from sand to snow..and many more inbetween

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hovercraft Videos

Hovercraft Videos

We ship Hov Pod Hovercraft to all countries, and since 2002 have been selling hovercraft to leisure, rescue, commercial, survey and military customers. 

Hovercraft are very useful, and save time, money and lives. Click on the links above to see videos showing the Hov Pod operating at altitude, as amphibious vehicles, over beaches, desert sand dunes, land, open waters, for low pressure environment use, at low cruise speed, as off-road 4x4 vehicles, over rapids, over rivers, over snow and ice, up and down slopes, starting on water, and even surfing the waves - is there no limit to the capabilities of hovercraft?

The Hov Pod Hovercraft is unique in construction from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and/or Carbon Fiber. These materials are far stronger than flimsy glass fibre - hovercraft have to be rugged and durable for commercial, patrol and rescue applications - for this reason we probably ship more hovercraft than any other supplier. 

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